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Ecosafe consists of highly trained technicians who offer a wide range of safe, effective pest control solutions – whether it’s just a one-off treatment or a long term service plan. We always make sure that our work is child and pet friendly while the ecosystem is also put into consideration.

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Domestic Pest Control

Ecosafe Pest Management LLC. | BeeTcore Web Developer

Commercial Pest Control

Our Additional Services

If you are unsure whether you have become a victim of pest infestation, our professionals can easily sort it out for you. We send a pest expert to the location, and the inspector will thoroughly check the premises and look for suspicious activities.

The expert is knowledgeable about all types of pests and can perform everything from bedbug inspection to mice and rat inspection and several other pest problems you could ever imagine. He knows all the tell-tale signs of an infestation and fully equipped to detect intruders if there are any. 

The building pest inspection is a non-obligatory service and does not require you to book a follow-up control procedure. This service will also give you an idea about the state of a present infestation and could help you decide on a suitable treatment.

Our homes are often invaded by numerous small insects, some of them are parasites, like mosquitoes and fleas, others are just annoying, like flies. By booking a fogging treatment of your property you can eradicate any invader and limit the chance of the following infestation for a prolonged period of time.

Fogging is effective against small flying insects and some other pests like;

  • Spiders,
  • Moths,
  • Flies,
  • Fleas,
  • Mosquitoes,
  • Ants and a few others.

The fogging service will prove itself valuable if performed right before you move into a new home. In such a scenario, the service will provide you with an initial treatment against potential threats like fleas, especially if the previous owners/tenants had a pet.

In some landlord contracts, fogging is a mandatory procedure before leaving the property, especially when animals have lived inside. Leaving tenants are legally obliged to treat the property and proceed with the end of tenancy cleaning before officially leaving.

Animal carcasses bring awful smell and aren’t the most hygienic of things. We offer swift dead animal removal and disposal service. Our services are discreet, amongst the other benefits, and will get rid of all kinds of animal carcasses in an effective manner leaving zero smell.

How Our Animal Carcass Removal works:

  • We send an experienced pest control technician to locate the animal;
  • The technician collects all animal carcasses present and packs them in a plastic bag;
  • Our expert will dispose of the animal remains in a combustion chamber. In there, everything will burn to ashes in an eco-friendly manner.

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